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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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of how unsmart we are. >> that does it for us. kristen welker picks up the coverage right now. good morning from washington. i'm kristen welker. we begin with breaking news. chaos in the house. an historic sit-in on capitol hill. house democrats refusing to leave the floor of the house until a vote is taken on gun control. >> we will not be happy. we will not be satisfied. we will not be pleased until we do something in a major way. >> republicans trying to gain control. >> the chair wishes to make an announcement regarding the decorum in the house chamber. >> even adjourning for two weeks, but the democrats refusing to leave. >> no bill, no break. no bill, no break. >> plus, campaign break. a day after donald trump
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delivers his blistering attack on hillary clinton -- >> hillary clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the united states. >> he ditches the campaign trail and heads to scotland. but why? and holding out hope. one body found in the search for the missing family of four off the coast of florida. rescuers still searching at this hour. we are live with the very latest. we start with that breaking news. you are looking live at pictures democrats still on the floor. we're now going on more than 21 hours since the sit-in began. frustraitted with not being able to get a vote on gun control, democrats said they wouldn't leave until they got one. it began yesterday morning. by evening, the protest was still going on. >> sitting down, sitting in, you're standing up. >> at 10:00 p.m., speaker ryan tried to get the house back in
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session and was shouted down. >> the chair appreciates that members will differ on matters of policy and will seek to express those differences. >> eventually, they got two votes done. neither having to do with gun control. then at 10:31, the house was gavelled out of session and the house cameras turned off. but democrats didn't leave and ended up sneaking in periscope to keep coverage rolling. >> we know that today is a defining moment for this congress. >> 12:58, the house gavels back in. democrats chanting so loudly, you can barely hear the clerk. >> provided for proceedings during the period from june 23rd, 2016 to july 4th -- >> after one last unrelated vote, the house was finally adjourned at 3:13 this morning. on break until after the fourth of july. but democrats insist they aren't
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letting republicans off the hook. >> they snuck out of washington in the dark of night and left this business unfinished. >> you can bet your sweet life when the house goes back into session, this fight will be continued. >> and we do have complete coverage of the democratic sit-in on the house floor. we begin with kelly o'donnell live on capitol hill. kelly, what an incredible night. it's still going on. where do we go from here? what happens next? >> one of the big questions is how do democrats put a last act on this protest? republicans have effectively left town. there will be no business until after the fourth of july. so how long do they want to carry this out? a couple of difference theories they might continue through the day. get past 24 hours. others suggest there's perhaps enough passion to keep going beyond that. many of them have campaigns to run, appointments to keep in their home districts and how long will the sort of passion we've seen from outside the
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capital on social media and within the house chamber last. many democrats believe they've already scored a victory by staging this takeover of the house floor. and while this was in many ways an act of civil disopedeience for people not familiar with it, you don't have the opportunity as the party not in power to run the floor. that's part of where the dynamic is here. and they are not permitted to use electronic devices on the house floor under the typical rules. and we saw how effectively democrats were able to use new technology to keep their story going, even though the official cameras that we come to associate with cspan but are actually government property were turned off when the house is not in session. that's typical everyday business. now to give you a sense of how much more they may go, here's elijah cummings of maryland. >> we cannot end yet. we simply cannot end here. there are those who are calling
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it some kind of gimmick. well, i've got news for you. it's not a gimmick for me. it is not a gimmick for any of us. >> and that reference to gimmick is because house speaker paul ryan said this was a political stunt. kristen? >> you talk about the rules that were effectively broken last night. no one knows congress better than you do. put this into some context for everyone. how unprecedented were these developments overnight? >> highly unusual. there has been a time in the past when republicans tried to do a similar thing several years ago. it never got to this level. it was about a far less volatile issue related to energy. this is so unusual because one of the things most members of congress really respect is the institution. knowing that one year the party that you belong to is in power. maybe a few years later another party is in power. so this is unusual because if the tables are turned and a nancy pelosi becomes speaker
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again or another prominent democrat, would they want to see republicans using this kind of tactic on an issue that might relate to abortion or something like that that is also so passionate. it's highly unusual. imagine in your own workplace if people sort of took over. how would that go? that's part of what we've got going here. the art of democracy, civil disobedience and the typical convention of who is really in charge? >> just stunning. thank you for that context. nbc's kelly o'donnell is capitol hill. i want to turn to ari melber, msnbc's chief legal correspondent. i want your take on these unprecedented events we witnessed overnight. what do you see as the end game here. >> as so many people have said, we've never seen anything quite like this on the house floor. to take a step back for people wake iing up and looking at wha happened. civil disobedience, occupy, these are all the tools of citizens usually against institutions of power,
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government, business, et cetera. this is not usually the tool of government officials against each other. indeed, that's why republicans have criticized it and said this is no way to run our organization. we have rules. the end game is an open question. we would be lying if we said that after everything that unprecedented happened late last night we now know where it goes. democrats have a challenge in trying to explain how they move from this drama to some sort of on ramp when the congress does come back in session. do they go back to business as usual july 5th and this becomes a memory or is there some sort of larger argument that gun control for democrats now after everything that's hand is a paramount issue that's going to affect the way they let the house operate? >> well, and i think that that is the key question here, ari, that so many folks are asking this morning. is this a political stunt, as paul ryan has said, or could this actually shed some light on this issue that never seems to
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get any real traction in congress. and could this actually lead to something changing. >> one way to decode this is look at all the formal parts of politics where you get a press release and you get leaks about what's going to happen and you have a twitter strategy and a social media strategy. all these fancy things that get organized. i can tell you and luke russert and kelly were saying this in their reporting. this didn't feel that way yesterday. this wasn't organized by the leaders in the democratic party or in the white house or pelosi and hoyer. this really came from john lewis and congresswoman clark and a few other people. and lewis is a civil rights organizer who risked life and limb and is praised by beating in both parties for that. it did have a different flavor. whether that lasts long term and whether republicans are able to rephrase this as rule breaking by another name is a political question. it's different than something highly structured.
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i interviewed one member of congress late last night who said, hey, i would have worn pants and not a dress had i known we were going to do this. this wasn't all organized. this grew and grew and grew n this goes to social media which is why this sit-in is different than anything we would have seen in the last 200 years because it was broadcast by members, even as the republican leadership, as they allowed to under the rules, shut down the normal cameras. >> i think that nugget about the clothes is so fascinating and underscores how unprecedented this is. thanks for helping us to understand it. we want to turn to the campaign trail. hillary clinton now weighing in on the gun control debate tweeting this quote. house republicans may have cut the cameras but they can't cut off our voices. we have to act on gun violence. meanwhile, a republican rival donald trump will head to scotland today for reasons not related to campaigning. nbc's jacob rascon joins me by phone from new york city with all the details.
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let's talk about this sit-in on the house floor. how is the trump campaign reacting? we heard what hillary clinton had to say. >> it's noteworthy we haven't had a response from the campaign or trump himself in the form of a tweet. this is a sensitive topic. of course, after the orlando shootings, trump tweeted and sent some shockwaves through the republican world that he was going to meet with the nra about no fly, no buy. but then he had to clarify later and mention that he didn't think that it should be done without due process. and his surrogates have been out trying to clarify for him. so noteworthy we haven't seen him say or tweet anything on this subject just yet. he hasn't yet left for scotland. >> and let's talk about the other big story today out of trump world. as i just said, he is heading to scotland. give us a preview of this trip. and politically, some republicans scratching their heads wondering whether this is a wise move given this critical
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moment in the campaign. >> exactly. this comes at a moment when his poll numbers have been cratering and, of course, a big revamp this week with the firing of corey lewandowski and a speech well received. many thought and said as they have before, this is a pivot. this is the general election pivot, but then here he comes to take a few days off the campaign trail to go to scotland, and he's going there for the reopening of his golf course in turnberry and then head to a second golf course there on saturday. notable as well that he's going overseas. it's not unusual, of course, for nominees to go overseas at this time to meet with foreign leaders and to bolster their credentials. but it is notable that trump has no plans, that we know of, to meet with any leaders. in fact, it's well reported that in scotland, he's not well received. no leader from any major party
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that's planning on attending his reopening of the golf course. >> stunning, jacob. it comes across the backdrop of the brexit vote today. he'll have to answer some questions about that. jacob rascon in new york, thanks for tracking all those developments. let's talk about another presidential candidate, bernie sanders, who has not formally conceded to hillary clinton, but he's come one step closer to acknowledging he won't be the democratic party's nominee during an interview with c span. take a listen. >> it doesn't appear that i'm going to be the nominee so i'm not going to be determining the scope of the convention. >> and sanne esanders is schedu make a major speech to address where his campaign goes from here. but aides say it will not include a concession. we'll have the latest on that when he delivers that speech. a delta flight diverted. f-16s escorting it to an airport all because of a threat on board. plus, an historic vote in
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the united kingdom that could have huge implications here in the u.s. on your wallet. will they leave the european union? severe thunderstorms in the forecast and later this afternoon. 20 million people are at risk from the midwest to the mid-atlantic. nbc meteorologist bill karins is here with the forecast. looks treacherous in some areas. >> it was and still is. northern illinois from chicago through central illinois, saw really strong thunderstorms. 19 tornadoes reported. no injuries and no deaths. this morning we've seen strong storms through richmond, through norfolk, heading off the coast. also in roanoke. these will exit and weaken and then again this afternoon. 20 million people at risk. cincinnati, lexington, charleston to roanoke. kentucky through virginia will be the area that should get hit the hardest. the rest of the country still plain old hot. near 100 in st. louis and much of the southern half of the country continues to bake in an unusually hot june in phoenix. 112 today.
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breaking overnight, a domestic flight diverted because of an apparent threat on board. nbc's tom costello covers aviation for nbc news. tom, this sounds terrifying. what are you learning from your sources? >> might have been scary for the people on board. this was a compass air flight from texas to los angeles. but f-16 fighter jets were scrambled to escort the plane to the ground after the pilot determined what he thought was a serious and immediate threat. delta flight 5720, forced to make an emergency landing in tucson. police boarding the plane. >> you, come to me. >> pulling off this unidentified man. another man who appears to be traveling with the suspect
6:18 am
trails behind. >> stay right there. sit back. >> the younger man is accused of threatening another passenger claiming he had a gun. one of the roughly 80 people on board tweeted guy is uncooperative. appears to be having some sort of breakdown. the situation serious enough the pilot ordered an emergency landing. the delta flight was flying from san antonio to los angeles, but diverted to tucson. escorted there by a pair of f-16 fighter jets. >> that alerted us to the fact that there was definitely something serious or something potentially serious going on. >> nervous passengers met by heavily armed police then searched before being allowed back on the plane. >> they brought dogs in and it was a big thing once we touched down. i'm glad to be home. i'm tired. >> we definitely knew there was something strange going on when we saw the f-16s off our wings and started to descend pretty
6:19 am
rapidly. everybody was tense, but everybody was pretty focused and calm. >> unclear if that passenger was having some sort of a mental health emergency but airport police as you saw, border patrol and fbi agents all responded. they took the suspect in. this morning the fbi says there was no and is no threat to public safety. kristen? >> that's the good news coming out of that story. tom costello, thank you for that report. coming up, happening right now, the british are voting. but your 401(k) may be hit hard. we'll break it all down for you. plus, praying for a miracle. the desperate search for a family of four gone missing while sailing off the coast of florida. relatives are speaking out. and staying on top of the historic sit-in on the house of representatives floor. live to a congressman participating. stay with us. all that and more coming up next. no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow, your insurance company told you to look at page five on your policy.
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side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card welcome back, everyone. you are looking at live pictures from the floor of the house as
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the sit-in by house democrats has just entered its 22nd hour. we will continue to monitor it and bring you any new developments. we do have an interview with a congressman participating in that sit-in coming up. happening right now, historic vote in the uk with major implications for the united states. the question for voters, should the united kingdom stay within the european union or strike off on its own? we've got all the angles covered here and across the pond. we begin with nbc's keir simmons in london. how is turn out so far? >> it's looking strong. the prime minister david cameron has voted. he's voting in. boris johnson is voting out today. but there have been lines at some polling stations, so many people know that this is a vote, one in a generation vote. let me show you the front page of one popular newspaper. independence day, that newspaper says, suggesting it will be freedom for britain.
6:24 am
others think if britain votes to leave the european union, it will be a disaster. >> all right. keir, thank you for that. we appreciate it. now we want to bring in cal perry. so, cal, tell us what a british exit from the eu would mean thr t for the united states. a lot of people watching their 401(k) watching thus. >> this is a lot of uncertainty. barack obama has made it clear he's for the eu remaining. that's not the way that everybody feels. a lot of this echoes of the u.s. election and influence specifically, immigration. the european union has had a catastrophe with the immigration crisis. a global ka trcatastrophy. this is the economic impact we expect if the uk leaves. 1.5% to 9% hit to gdp. huge trading partners here. $12 billion surplus.
6:25 am
so that's why we expect the markets to take a potential hit friday morning. we won't know the results until later tonight. and barack obama saying that the trade agreements will have to be redone with the ukn the uk will be in the back of the queue. that's adding all the more to the uncertainty. >> cal, obviously this is becoming a hot button issue on the campaign trail as well. how is it going to impact the 2016 race? >> hillary clinton agrees with the united states president the uk should remain in the european union. donald trump saying the uk should go its own way. he says when you look at what's happened, example, the migration, my inclination would be to go it alone. his immigration talk to that of this brexit issue. >> cal perry, thank you for breaking all of that down for us. we want to give you one more live look at pictures of the house of representatives. we only have access to the floor through periscope.
6:26 am
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defy bone aging with citracal maximum. our highest level of calcium plus d. welcome back. time for your morning headlines. everything you need to know to start your day. breaking news. house democrats on hour 22 of their historic sit-in on the house floor demanding a vote on gun control legislation. donald trump is taking a break from the campaign trail to head to his mother's homeland of scotland. he's there promoting a golf course that his company purchased on the southwest coast a decade ago. it was a terrifying night in the midwest as tornadoes pound the area around chicago. thousands lost power and at least two were injured in the storm. u.s. and south korean officials have confirmed that north korea fired two powerful midrange ballistic missiles. it's still not clear if the tests were successful. democratic congressman
6:30 am
chaka fattah has announced his resignation from the house following fraud and money laundering charges. more than one lawmaker, including civil rights leader john lewis, has participated in that fight. that was underscored when democrats broke into "we shall overcome" on the floor last night. ♪ we shall overcome ♪ we shall overcome some day >> john yarmuth was out on the floor and tweeted out this picture. thanks for being with me. >> my pleasure, kristen. >> this is still going on. how long can the democrats keep this up? >> i think we can keep it up for a while longer. the intent is for us to do 24 hours, which would mean somewhere around 11:00 or so.
6:31 am
then we have to decide when we're going to revise or try this again. i think that the caucus is pretty much committed to keeping this strategy in place when we come back on july 5th. and i think what we've seen is a manifestation of what we've seen on the presidential campaign. people are going to be disruptive, not do business as usual, and are going to try to get some action. i think everybody is really encouraged by the response we got. >> you talk about strategy. and i guess that's the question that a lot of folks have this morning. what is the strategy to actually get something done. there's no doubt what was pulled off, what is under way is unprecedented. it's significant. it makes a huge statement. but how do you get this legislation passed on gun control? >> one of the problems that we have with getting common sense gun safety legislation passed is that while huge majorities of the american people support them, it's not generally their
6:32 am
highest priority issue. the strategy here is to elevate the issue in terms of individual people's priorities so that the politicians both on republican and democratic side understand that there would be a price to pay if they're not responsive to what the voters want. >> but do you think realistically that one of these two pieces of legislation either on background checks or making sure those on the no-fly list can't buy guns, do you have any real hope we'll see that get passed when congress is back in session on the 5th? >> i don't think it's realisting that we'll see it over that two-week period before we go into a two-month adjournment. but i think we can continue to make the case, and then continue to make that case over the end of july and august. we can reinforce that at our convention and again, make sure that voters think of this as a top priority issue for them. so then when we come back in
6:33 am
september, right in the heat of the campaign, when members are really facing the voters directly, that they'll be responsive to voter pressure. because again, huge majorities, as we know -- >> go ahead, congressman. >> as we said, 85% to 95% of the people support universal background checks. so we just got to make sure that's what they base their votes on. >> our viewers are watching live pictures of this ongoing protest on the house floor. i want to play you some of what majority leader kevin mccarthy told our own luke russert. take a listen. >> what do you make of all of this? >> it's political and more about press. but i was most disturbed by the number of e-mails i received to raise money on this. this is more about democrats trying to raise money than actually achieving something. >> congressman, speaker ryan called this a publicity stunt. is it? what's your reaction to that
6:34 am
charge? >> i think that anybody who listened to my colleagues speak on the floor, and i hope myself as well, understood the deep passion that underlies this issue for us. this is something that is far beyond politics. this is something that i think every one of us came to congress determined to do something about. most democrats represent urban areas. areas more particularly affected by gun violence. so we're seeing it every day with our neighbors, with our friends and with the people we represent. so this is far more than a publicity stunt. except to the extent that the more publicity we get from what we're doing, the more -- the higher profile this issue becomes for voters. >> all right. thank you congressman john yarmuth. appreciate your joining us this morning. >> thank you, kristen. there is grim news in the desperate search off the florida coast for four missing boaters from the same family. ace kimberly and his three
6:35 am
teenagers have been missing since sunday when they hit rough seas. they have found a body believed to be one of them. janet shamlian is live in st. petersburg, florida. what are they telling you about this search? >> they are calling it a search, not a recovery mission at this point. they are sending up a c-130 transport plane just a few minutes from now in what will be an eight-hour search in the area of san abel island. a body was found yesterday. the coast guard could not identify it but a family member confirmed late last night to nbc news that it was indeed the body of 17-year-old becky kimberly, the 17-year-old daughter of ace kimberly. they include a flare, a pair of shoes, a basketball, propane tank, a kayak that belonged to the family. obviously the family members waiting for word here are very distraught. sophie is the aunt of the
6:36 am
teenagers. >> they hadn't heard from them since sunday, so then i kind of figured that it wasn't good. feels like i lost one of my own kids. >> just an agonizing wait as hours turn to days. it has been four days. we are waiting for a briefing in about 15 minutes from the coast guard. they may have some additional information on their finds at that time. >> agonizing indeed. janet shamlian, thank you. dueling speeches as hillary clinton and donald trump launch stinging criticisms of each other. who came out ahead? we continue to watch as house democrats continue their 22nd hour occupying the house floor demanding a vote on gun control legislation. it's time for the "your business" entreep neurs of the week. omar and camille brown knew nothing about the restaurant
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hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. named one of car and driver's 10best, 10 years in a row. frankly, it's very unfair she's allowed to even
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participate in this election if you want to know the truth. it's shocking to people. >> that's was donald trump on the hugh hewitt radio show going after hillary clinton for what he described as, quote/unquote, criminal acts regarding her use of a private e-mail server. during dueling speeches wednesday, the rivals made one thing very clear. it's on. >> hillary clinton and, as you know, she -- most people know, she's a world class liar. >> now think about it. he's going after me personally because he has no answers on the substance. >> joining me to break all of this down, democratic strateg t strategist. i want to get to a little bit of the news of the day, which is that donald trump is heading to scotland for a three-day trip. a lot of republicans scratching their head. the timing is all wrong and this
6:41 am
isn't necessarily a political trip. what do you make of this? could this backfire effectively? >> well, i think this is more trump being trump. donald trump is -- has been an unconventional candidate and certainly has not done what most candidates would do in an election cycle. so far it's benefited him. he's the presumptive republican nominee. he managed to best 16 other very qualified candidates to come out on top for the nomination. so you can't suppose that what he's doing now, although it's unconventional is going to hurt him in any way. he does need to be raising money. he's at a serious deficit when you consider hillary clinton has him by about $40 million. >> and emily, joe talks about how unconventional he is. yesterday we saw him take a step toward becoming a little more conventional. a lot of republicans saying they felt relieved following that speech. he used a teleprompt estayer an
6:42 am
stayed on message. npr said trump just gave the speech republicans have been waiting 20 years to hear. so are democrats a little jittery that trump has started to right the ship of his campaign? >> look, i think all that's true. that was the speech that a lot of republicans have been looking to hold their nose and vote for trump. they wanted to hear something that included more than a wall and e-mails. he had seven more words in there, right, than wall and e-mails. and it was a little more toned down. it had that appeal to it. but, i mean, one, it's too little, too late. to give one speech off a teleprompter, which is what he's always been attacking clinton on doing, to have the same rhetoric dredged up again, it doesn't negate the fact that his campaign is a mess. he can't fund it, can't staff it. has terrible relationships within the party. the thing that's been appealing is the fact he's been unconventional. now that he's going to this move
6:43 am
of trying to, i guess, broaden his appeal, does he lose the base of supporters he already had ands are his economic proposals enough that it would make mainstream economic republicans comfortable but his policies aren't any different. still isolationist, protectionist. there's still nothing there for people looking to grab on and say he's an okay enough candidate for us. there really wasn't enough there there. >> that is the key question, right? can he expand its base of support? one of the things we also determined yesterday in the wake of that speech is that a lot of what he said wasn't necessarily accurate. he said that secretary clinton slept through calls during the benghazi attack. we know that's not the case. this is from a nonpartisan analysis by politifact that finds 59% of trump's claims are rated pants on fire false. this isn't necessarily something that hurts him with the base but will that help him reach out to those independent voters, those
6:44 am
more moderate voters that he needs to win the white house? >> well, time will tell. this is a very precise science. being able to respond by tweet or to be able to give a good speech, a speech that responds to another strong speech isn't enough. you have to look at the electoral college map and states that most important battleground states like ohio and florida. and he's had some challenges in the last month losing some ground in florida and losing some ground in ohio. so he's got to really work hard and raising money to be competitive to get his message out in a very precise way to the voters who are going to matter to him in places like ohio and pennsylvania and florida and other key battleground states. >> final quick question to both of you, because we're running out of time. emily, we heard donald trump go after secretary clinton's faith, question her faith. she has actually spoken a lot about her faith. yesterday she responded very aggressively. what's your take?
6:45 am
what's the impact of that do you think? >> i think it is important she be able to respond in a concise, quick way. that's how he's dominated the media cycle. the fact she can respond in a very serious way and conviquick makes a huge difference. >> could this wind up alienating faith-based voters? >> i don't think so. donald trump has been effective at being able to relate to a wide range of americans so far. we saw this during the primary season. many thought he would turn off evangelical and others. instead, he had strong support from them. i don't think this hurts him with that base of voters. >> emily tisch sussman and joe watkins, thank you. democrats remain on the house floor demanding a vote on gun control. we start to close in on 24 hours. we're tracking all of it. and two sick workers finally arrived in a chilean hospital after a daring rescue from a
6:46 am
remote station in antarctica. more on that xcoming up next. shoulder-to-shoulder, to turn strategy into real results for your enterprise. because while theory is great, we work exactly where you do: in the real world. ♪ ♪
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we want to go back to capitol hill. you are looking again at live pictures from the floor house as the sit-in by democrats has just entered its 22nd hour. the big question this morning, what will the impact be? will it work? will we see new gun laws in this country? that remains to be seen. we continue to monitor the situation and we'll bring you any new developments as they happen. we have new developments on the daring rescue mission under way in the south pole. a plane carrying two sick workers from a remote research station in antarctica landed in chile early this morning. nbc's kelly cobiella has the incredible details. goo morning. >> reporter: good morning. two sick workers from the south pole are now off that icy continent landing in chile after a layover on the edge of
6:50 am
antarctica. landod ice on the tip of ant arthka late last night. congratulations and a hug after the treacherous trip from the bottom of the world. a rescue so hazardous in the polar winter hazardous it's hom been done twice before. the temperature, 115 below zero with windchill. cold enough to freeze jet fuel and batteries. only half a dozen pilots in the world experienced enough to make the perilous trip over a barrne landscape in complete darkness. from the south pole to the antarctic peninsula and then over open water to chile and safety. this is what it looked like at the south pole during the first ever winter rescue. the winds whipping around the plane and the wind flaps froze and landing skis stuck to the ice. this time the crew had to make a tough choice. in addition to one passenger with a life threatening illness,
6:51 am
risk the limits of the twin prop plane and take another not as sick. the last minute call, risk the heavier load and take them both. >> the real peril is in the journey, if something goes wrong or aircraft has to put down because there's no light and they are going into places that they only know a position on gps. >> the ten-hour flight over massive ice frozen mountains a success, a daring mission against all odds accomplished. we still don't know much about the medical reasons behind this daring rescue. those details being kept quiet out of privacy for the two patients, both contractors with lockheed martin. we do know a lot about this rescue plane, a twin prop based in calgary canada, about 3,000 miles from the north pole. that means it's nearly covered
6:52 am
the entire length of the planet in a little over a week. kelly cobiella, nbc news, london. >> thanks, kelly. happening now, the city of baltimore is preparing for a major verdict related to freddie gray's death. one of the police officers charged in the case could learn his fate today. that officer ceasar goodson jr. just arrived in court moments ago. you're seeing video of that shot moments ago. gray died from injuries he suffered in the back of a police transport van, his death sparked days of riots last year. ron, what can you tell us? what are you learning about what could happen today? >> reporter: good morning, we're expecting the verdict to be read at the top of the hour, 10:00 eastern. this is by far the most important, most serious of the six cases against these baltimore police officers. officer goodson drove the van in which freddie gray suffered a severe injury.
6:53 am
he faces second degree deprafed heart murder and three counts of manslaughter and account of misconduct in office. an acquittal is seen by legal observers as the end of this prosecution. there's four more cases to go and trials to go. some are calling for the state to drop all charges if judge williams acquitted today. i stepped in front of the courthouse, very few demonstrators at this hour, maybe a half dozen or so. >> ron, let's talk about that a little bit more. we do all remember those violent protests last year. what's the mood there like in the city right now as they brace for this verdict? >> well, you can't really tell that there's much in the way of interest in the case, obviously there is a lot of interest, there just isn't a lot of people demonstrating as we saw in the first trial. that trial ended with a hung jury and he's going to be scheduled to be retried in a few months time. this is by far the most serious
6:54 am
prosecution and if there's an acquittal in this particular case as we said observers are saying the state should probably consider dropping the charges that are still remaining against these other officers. >> nbc's ron mott in baltimore. thanks. >> could using your smartphone be damaging your eyes? why you might want to stick with a book when you're in bed. that's next. crowd sounds ] oooh! [ brakes screech ] when your pain reliever stops working,
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6:58 am
the facebook founder posted this picture to celebrate instagram reaching 500 million monthly users. his computer's web cam is covered with tape. that's right. tape. you can see it there, a safeguard in case any hackers manage to access the camera. before go to bed tonight, you may want to think twice about looking at your smart phone. the new england journal of medicine says two women went temporariy rily blind from chec phones in the dark. their eyes got confused after they looked at bright screens with one eye while the other is covered by their pillow. the solution, use both eyes. one more live look at capitol hill, protesters gathering outside the capitol. look at them there. this all as democrats continue their sit-in inside going on their 22nd hour. they are pushing for stiffer gun laws but of course, the house is
6:59 am
now in recess so the question is, what will come of all of this? that is what we'll continue to explore throughout the day. that wraps up this hour. i'm kristen welker, coming up now, more news with jose diaz-balart. >> we're covering a lot of breaking news this hour. a historic sit-in protest at the house. it continues in its 22nd hour. any minute we'll get decisions from the supreme court which could possibly include high profile decisions on abortion, affirmative action and immigration also to baltimore maryland, where a judge will hand down his verdict in the third trial of a police officer in the freddie gray case. and the coast guard in florida will be releasing new information in a search for a family that went missing on their boat off the coast of sarasota. but we begin with chaos on capitol hill. dysfunction on dramatic display as democrats continue to protest on the house floor demanding
7:00 am
votes on dpun reform. this is different than you're used to seeing because republicans cut the feed from c-span. it's a live stream via social media. the sit-in has been going on now and republicans say it's nothing more than political theater. >> how many more mothers, how many fathers need to shed tears of grief before we do something? we will occupy this floor. we will no longer be denied a right to vote. >> we truly believe that if there were a vote that we would win the vote. >> you can bet your sweet life when the house goes back into session, this fight will be continued. >> so as i said about 11:00 a.m. eastern time wednesday morning, republicans quickly voted to put the house into recess. then at around 10:00 last night, house speaker paul ryan tried to regain control of his chbe


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